Monday, November 14, 2011

20 minutes Frustration and 5 minutes Patience!

My last blog post was more than 5 months ago!

This morning after gym I got home but couldn't find my house key in the car. Usually Alyssa locks the gate (don't have auto-gate) and 'throw' the keys to the front passenger seat. So I was looking high and low, front and back. Did she even lock the gate??? Question came to my mind.

Called hubby...confirm no extra keys at home and the gate was lock when he went to work this morning. Then immediately he called me if I need him to come back cause he was not too far away from house. Of course yes lah. Lo behold I found the keys BUT it's stuck inside the hand brake hole. Called hubby again say no need to come back.

Twenty minutes later called him again..."I can't get the keys out!" By this time he was already on the highway and probably reaching office soon. So told myself BE PATIENT. Slowly and some skill and lots of prayer...finally got hold of the keys. Guess what that only took me 5 minutes.

Now I know where are all the tools in this new car (less than 10 days we got it) and what I have in there.

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