Friday, June 10, 2011

Corrective Contact Lense

Have you heard of corrective contact lenses that can correct short sighted without having go under surgery? It's called Ortho-K (Orthokeratology) .

Orthokeratology is the design and fitting of special gas permeable contacts that gently reshape the clear front surface of the eye (cornea), so you can see clearly even after you remove the lenses. Unlike LASIK, however, the corneal reshaping effect of orthokeratology is temporary — generally enough to eliminate your need for glasses or contacts for a day or so. Then you have to wear the ortho-k lenses again to maintain the proper corneal shape. The reshaping only takes place when you wear the contact lense to sleep overnight that is at least 6 hours or more. Suitable for treatment of up to -5.00D short sighted and -1.50D of astigmatism and for anyone even children.

I have just put Alyssa into this treatment. She's turning 11 in July. It was recommended by my neighbour whom daughter has a similar situation as Alyssa. The process involved of many visits to the optometrist (you can visit her profile here). First visit is to measure all the necessities and taking a map of the cornea. Second visit is to put the contact lease for an hour trial. If no complication then can proceed to 6 hours trial the next day.

Alyssa on 6 hours trial now. Just put on for her and later will go to the optometrist. If everything goes well then she can start wearing it everynight. Initially one will still need to wear glasses even after wearing the contact lenses overnight BUT at a much lower power. This will a month or so depends on the degree of short sighted.

In Alyssa's case where her short sightedness is -6.00, her treatment might takes a longer period before she can be off the glasses. And not only that the cost of the whole treatment is also higher. Will not disclose the exact amount here but can tell you that this cost thousands. No worries cost is much lesser than LASIK. The cost is inclusive of the optometrist professional fee, contact lenses and glasses needed.

Why I don't let her undergo the treatment a year ago when I heard of it? First the cost and I was not confident that she can handle them - the contact lense. My prayer is there will no complications or infections ever happen to Alyssa.


Ann said...

Wow....good thing Alyssa is ok with contacts. Now a days alot of treatment for short sightedness.

Only yesterday my father was got things to put in the eye to correct kids have no problem with watching computer.

yean goh said...

Hi, is you kid still with Otho K, which clinic you visit? can you please recommend me as i thoug of putting my girl too

Wai Yin said...

Leong Set Fee
Y K Leong Optometry Centre
45 SS22/23 Damanasara Jaya
03 7729 3824

Anonymous said...

Is Leong Set Fee good? She charges a relatively lower price for the orthok lenses than another Optometry that i used to bring my daughter to. Can you advise please before I proceed with Leong Set Fee? Thanks.

Wai Yin said...

It has been 5 years and I didn't seek alternative Optometrist. After the initial package period we were given an option to take a 3/4 years consultation fee in a lump sum, get eye checked twice a year. Btw the orthok lenses is not lifetime. Got to change after 3 years or so. Cost 1K+ per pc.

I am also too lazy to find another Optometrist since Ms Leong is doing a good job.