Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas at the Park - Make A Wish

Christmas may have came and gone. All the buzyness, lots of feasting and shopping have filled our schedule to the max. But one thing for sure the light of the Almighty One shinning through will only grow stronger and brighter and always lighted up. I hope that everyone has somehow felt and experience this Light and His love and peace during this holiday season.

I have the priviledge to be part of an exciting event organised for children. The Children's Church this year had Christmas at a park near church I am attending. We invited the residents near church (by giving out flyers) and also to orphanage and the hardcore poor homes.

God is good! Weather that morning was sunny and windy. There were 91 children registered on that day and unregistered ones were more than 10 (mostly too young to join in, so they stayed close with their parents). We expected a number of 100 children. Good thing being Malaysian, we always prepare more. From the registration list, there were 42.8% not from our church.

When I took on the role to organise this event, I knew I had a problem of manpower because I am still very, very new in the Children's Ministry. So only key roles were assigned but things like helpers in each team I seriously have big problem. I sent some emails and sms out. However, that morning though there were not many helpers (only 22 adults) but each one just helped each other to get the place ready. We carried stuff, arranged tables, moved chairs, some pumped balloons, climbed chairs hanging Christmas deco and balloons. Some (thankfully) swept and mopped the basketball court. So in just 1 1/2 hours the place was set to welcome the children.

The programme of 2 hours went very smooth.

Registration - Each child was given a name tag and assigned to a group

Make A Wish - Then they can write on the 'wish card' their wish(es) and hang onto the Christmas tree.

Welcome - Passing parcel game where some 'lucky' ones got prize. 

Games (thank you Mi Lin, very well organised and easy enough yet very fun to play) - 5 stations named after countries. Altogether 10 groups of 8-10 children, 2 groups to a station to compete. In Malaysia children play football, Philippines children dance tinikling , Myanmar children learn 3 greetings in Myanmarese, Indonesia children play semut, orang, gajah and China children to build great wall.

Presentations - 'Sow Seed (sa zhong zi)' by children from Chinese Session and 'We were the Reason' by children from English Session.
Lunch - Fried yee mee with chicken and egg slice. All food pack of 150 were given out. No wastage. They were then treated with ice-cream. Even adults also lined-up for the free ice-cream.

Gifts - Children always happy to receive gift and we prepared more than enough.

All good things must come to an end and so is Christmas at the Park - Make A Wish. But the wishes of children can only be fulfilled by the Almighty One. So till the next major event (which will be in June 2012) I shall keep my head held high and heart close to my Lord.

Haapy New Year everyone!

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