Monday, February 18, 2013

Family then and now

Growing up in a typical chinese (cantonese speaking) family, we have limited sharing and caring. Well not that we don't care for our family members, but definitely not in physical showing affection neither in words. So to even utter words like "I love you" or "take care" is never heard.

However things are so different with my children or even with my hubby. We hug, kiss, say the three words, and much more. Is this the generation that changes begins or is the education we received or the influence of other means? Whatever it is I prefer our situation now then before.

Well I saw a different picture when I went back to my hometown and celebrate Chinese New Year at my brother's house. My mum moved to stay with my brother after the demise of my dad and selling off the house I grown up in.

I decided to stay in a hotel instead during that few days and only spent meal times there, which my brother sounded me a few times. So I spent most of the time in that house either in the kitchen or the dining hall. Outside at the living hall was only sound of the TV. No sound of any conversation or from the children. Except for few calls on the phone, I didn't hear anyone talking.

My girls confirmed that actually the children didn't talk, my brother and sister-in-law didn't talk. All they did was watch TV and play games either on handphone or the notebook. Wow! What family is this??? Oh! My hubby of course was with his iPad.

Well I am in good terms with my mum and my brother. Thank God. My mum and I always talk on the phone. My nephews also join in conversation when my mum and I talk. So do my brother and his wife ever wonder the openness my children share with us compare to theirs.

This trip makes me more appreciate of my family, my faith and all that God has blessed me with.

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