Sunday, January 3, 2016

Time Flies

As the title goes...Time Flies

Staying in the busy world, everything is fast, quick and stress. Once my nephew came to stay with us for few days told Alyssa ... why your mum always say faster lah!

Well if compare to lifestyle in some other countries, here in Klang Valley actually not that bad. We still know how to slow down. Drive slowly on a fast lane, take up all the space on a escalator, making decision what to order at the counter in a fast food restaurant.

Hubby and I love to take holiday trips. I will sometimes wonder where we went last or that place when we went. Thanks to digital age we can now store them instead of depending on our memory chip in our brain.

So I shall highlight some exciting and interesting moments (at least to me). And in this way I can also appreciate my life and grateful for all the blessings in my life.

Kindy Teacher

After being a homemaker for 11 years, I started working as a Kindy teacher teaching Nursery class 3 years old. It was fun and quite stressful. Cause dealing with this age group of short attention span and just learning to take instructions. To me it is more important to shape them in their character at this young age than having them achieve in academic. Well only for 1 year of work, after that back to homemaker status again. My girls in different school sessions so can't work lor.

Keys to New House

Got our keys on 27 Jan 2015. That means source for contractors for renovation. Finalised quotations took 1.5 months and renovation 2 months. Most furniture were newly bought. So after all the fittings we finally moved in on 13 June. Prior to that hubby and I spent a year of shopping and looking for sales on the fittings and furniture. Went to three mega exhibition.

After (before moving in)

Valentine's Day

This day in year 2015 is the 4th year passing of my dad.

As a couple we normally get a gift for each other. What did I give my hubby..cannot recall. What he gave me..Blue Bunny Chocolate Icecream, yum yum! That evening we went for a makan session with 2 other families. Awesome crab we ate that night. Went to Ampang Fish Farm Restaurant.

Road trip Pulau Ketam

Labour Day. My family, my mum and the Cheah family drove to Klang in one car. Took a ferry to Pulau Ketam. It was a hot day. Food there so so only. Dinner was better, in Bagan Hailam.

Children's Camp

5 - 7 June Held in CBC Puchong but combined both SS2 and Puchong children's church. A total of 152 registered which is also our maximum number. That venue can't accommodate bigger number.

Fearless Factor is the theme. This camp is the last one I organised in this church.

Last day in CBC (28 June)

Why last camp? My family decided to leave this church and moved on to another church. CBC has been a church that I grew as an adult and mature as a Christian. Many fond memories. First went to this church in 3rd Quarter year 1996.

On my last day in CBC, the Children's Ministry threw me a farewell. A very touching occasion. One Sunday School Teacher describe me using the letters of my name.

Well I believe more is instore for me as I continue walking closely to God.

 Photo album - photos of me, SS teachers and children and wonderful messages (thanks Ann)

House Dedication (27 June)
Senior Pastor,  Pastor Intern and the Cell Group came for our house dedication.

Farewell gift from Living Fountain
(is now at my living hall)

Korea Trip (14-23 November)

Birthday gift from hubby. 9D8N Seoul and Jeju island. Wonderful trip. A lot of walking. Took more than one thousand photos!!

UPSR and PT3 Results

Both did well. Hannah got 5As 2Bs for UPSR and Alyssa got 7As and 3Bs in PT3. So proud of them.

Ipoh & Penang Trip (19-26 December)

My 3rd trip back to Ipoh (my hometown) this year. Spent 3D2N in Penang. Brought mum and nephew along.

God has been good to me.
Thanking God for His protection over my family. We had a car accident in August. Car was bad but we were unhurt.
Thanking God for His provision for my family. We had nothing less.
Thanking God for His love for my family. We never had big arguments. My children are very obedient. Hubby loves me and I love him so much.

Praying for a good year in 2016. Praying that my family remain following God's path for us faithfully.

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