Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Approaching Father's Day

Father's Day is coming. All sorts of advertisement placed in the local newspapers to promote their products especially for fathers. Some called it Parent's Day (include Mother's Day), 2 in 1...that's how to save money and ideas on promo.

For me, being the sad and grieving me, should I look forward to Father's Day. My dad has passed away a few months ago. Infact on Valentine's Day, just 4 months ago. Now both my dad and my father-in-law are not around anymore. Is there a reason to celebrate Father's Day, as I asked myself.

I have not came to this page (writing a blog post) not that I'm lazy but because I am so afraid to face myself. My father-in-law passed away just one and a half month before my dad. He was in a coma after a fall. Dealing with his loss was difficult but we made it through. Knowing he is in a better place with the Lord rather than suffering on the sick bed.

My dad's death came as a shock to me. He was supposed to go for a body check-up. He was having cough and difficulty to sleep at night. After a few visits to the clinic and and an X-ray, nobody can tell what is really wrong with him. That day to the clinic (another doctor) was an early farewell bid to all. He had water in his lungs and died of heart failure when doing treatment in the hospital.

I stay 200 over KM away from my parents and did not have a chance to say goodbye to my dad.  After his death, I was in such a denial stage and I refused to talk about his passing. An revelation came to me that I should not keep to myself anymore. God has spoken. I must speak out. In that moment I told the Lord I'm going to speak on Father's Day in church.

There is no reason I shouldn't celebrate Father's Day cause there is a far greater Father whom I trust. As the Lord's Prayer begins with 'Our Father who art in heaven...' We have a Father that see us all the time.

Life is hard, but God is good—all the time. 

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Julie said...

I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of your dad and father-in-law. May the Lord continue to heal the broken-hearted.